Four Guardian Spirits Power Stone Bracelet

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This bracelet features the four ancient Chinese Guardian Spirits. The Four Gods (also called Four Divine Beasts and Four Symbols) are the four mythological creatures from Chinese mythology. In mythology, these four gods represent a particular color, season, element, and cardinal direction of the sky's constellations. 


☯ 14mm 4 Guardian Spirits Gold Engraved Onyx Beads

  • The Azure Dragon (青龙 Qīng Lóng), of the East 
  • The Vermilion Bird (朱雀; Zhū Què) of the South
  • The White Tiger (白虎; Baí Hǔ) of the West
  • The Black Warrior (玄武; Xuán Wū) of the North.

☯ 12mm Gold Spacers with Black Crystal

☯ 12mm Black Onyx Beads

☯ 4x Strength Stretch Band that will fit multiple wrist sizes!