Black Onyx Guan Yu God of War Necklace

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Powerful Men's Black Onyx Beaded Guan Yu God of War Cinnabar Pendant Necklace


☯ Carved Cinnabar Pendant

☯ 26 Inch Necklace Length

☯ Chinese Character Symbols 義薄云天 (yì bó yún tiān) - Meaning: Righteousness so great it reaches the clouds.

☯ Carved Cinnabar Tibetan Mantra Beads

☯ Black Onyx Beads


Guan Yu (關羽), otherwise known as Kwan Yu or Guan Gong, was a Chinese military general whose martial prowess was so great that, after his death, he was deified as a God. In modern times, he is revered for his bravery and loyalty. He is popular among the common people and the underworld, being a popular symbol among the Chinese Triads.

As a man, Guan Yu was the embodiment of loyalty, honor, and strength. As a God, he is a guardian of justice, a hero to the downtrodden, the Saint of War. Guan Yu is revered as a leading subduer of demons in Taoism.