Kuji-in Ninja 9 Hand Seals Kanji Bracelet - Silver 14mm

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Harness the power of a Ninja with this Kuji Kiri 9 Hand Seal Bracelet!


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☯ 2 Dragon Engraved 14mm Crystal Beads

☯ 9 Power Symbol Silver Engraved Kanji 14 mm Beads

☯ 4x Strength White Stretch Band that will fit multiple wrist sizes!

The 9 power symbols, also referred to as ‘’The Nine Hands Seals’’ or ‘’The Nine Cuts’’ are hand positions used in Ninjutsu as a process of ritual and meditation called Kuji Kiri.

Outside of the Shinobi culture they are sometimes called “The Ninja Secret Hand Signs.”

“Kuji” is a term that is used to describe energy focusing, which is what is meant to occur when preforming kuji-in or kuji kiri. The nine hand gestures or cuts correspond with mantras that serve to evoke energy change and in some cases, inspire enlightenment.

In Japanese, the nine syllables are: Rin (臨), Pyōh (兵), Tōh (闘), Sha (者), Kai (皆), Jin (陣), Retsu (列), Zai (在), Zen (前).

Rin - Power
Hyo - Energy
Toh - Harmony
Sha - Healing
Kai - Intuition
Jin - Awareness
Retsu - Dimension
Zai - Creation
Zen - Absolute