Rakshasa Buddhist Pendant Necklace

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Rakshasa Pendant With Tibetan Beaded Necklace

☯ Carved Cinnabar Rakshasa Pendant

☯ Carved Cinnabar Tibetan Mantra Beads

☯ Black Onyx Gold Engraved Tibetan Mantra Bead


A Rakshasa is a mystical being from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. In Japanese tradition Rakshasas are known as Rasetsu (羅刹). There are both good and evil Rakshasas, and as warriors they fought alongside the armies of both good and evil. They are powerful warriors, expert magicians and illusionists and shape-changers. They are capable of creating appearances which were real to those who believed in them or who failed to dispel them. Some of the rakshasas were said to be man-eaters, and made their gleeful appearance when the slaughter on the battlefield was at its worst.